My Pey.


Here’s another pretty little face that you should familiarize yourself with. She’s not living in Atlanta right now so I don’t have nearly as many photos of her as I would like, but this is Peyton, my other God daughter. I adore her as much as my other two God kids, Ma’nay and Roman (whom I haven’t had a photoshoot with yet bcus I’m normally too exhausted to pull out my camera after running around after him when I keep him, lol!). I’m sure it’s obvious now that I LOVE kids, but especially these. I take my role as a God mother seriously, which is probably why I have THREE at 24. It is one of my aspirations to always be a positive force in their lives, someone they can look up to and come to with any and every issue they may have in life. I hope to nourish them spiritually, always lead them to God, and shower them with more love than they could ever imagine. No one ever really told me what it means to be a God mother, but that is my interpretation.

I’ve been in Peyton’s ear and in her life with my camera in tow since she was in the womb…up until the very second she came into this world. Yes, I was in the doctor’s office recording her ultra sound saying, “Yes, I HAVE to record this. This is her debut!”, and in delivery room snapping pictures and crying uncontrollably.

Here I was probably saying "Hiiii, MY Peyyyy!" She always gets excited about that!


She’s not sitting up on her own just yet, but we decided to “fake it until we make it”.

Notice her mouth open in a few of these? Well, we always have “girl talk” so unfortunately she wanted to talk instead of just sitting up and looking pretty for the camera.

She’s eating cereal now!


Her feet seem to make the perfect toy.

Have you ever heard of stories about what type of child you were, but thought “Nooo. Not me! Really?!” Welp, I can’t wait to show and tell what a cry baby she was. I mean, every single time she’s been with me I’ve had the opportunity to snap a picture of her screaming crying. LOL! I’m hoping this spoiled phase is something she’ll be growing out of…SOON! Anyway, here are a few of her being a total drama queen!

*DISCLAIMER: She’s never been in my care and crying because her diaper isn’t clean, her tummy is empty, she’s lacking attention. It’s ALWAYS because she wants to be held. She just thinks she’s running the show, and that’s not happening at Meme’s (Mommy Evans). 😉

  1. Renee McCalla says:

    She is beautiful, you do capture a lot of great moments

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