So long 1st grade.



I really feel like I channel my mom more than ever and ANYONE when it comes to parenting. Her life was US. Her focus was raising US right and nothing else. Was she perfect? No, but she’s surely provided me with a blueprint. I think because of that I’ve never really understood how parents with young children have the time to be depressed or unhappy (unless you have a psychological disorder or an unhealthy baby). I’m not saying that it’s an easy job, but I am asking, what’s wrong with your kids being the MAIN FOCUS in your life?! If that’s the case, you have absolutely nothing to be down about, but every reason to rejoice. You have been blessed with the opportunity to explore the world again through your children. I say all that to say, when I’m away from the kids I think of a zillion things we’ll do when we’re together again, and also enjoy that time while you can because let me tell you, it goes by EXTREMELY fast.

Anyway, I went with MJ’s mom to her end of the year ceremony when she was in Pre K. I missed the kindergarten celebration, but I went to the end of the year celebration for the 1st grade! It’s so bitter-sweet to think that our sweet girl is moving on to the 2nd grade ALREADY. I think we’ve unofficially started a little annual thing where we go to something at the end of the year. She helps the teacher and enjoys the moment, and I’m in charge of the documentation (videos and/or pics) and emotions. Ahaha!

The night before the party I asked MJ “So what do you think we can make for your party?!” She exclaimed, “I know. PIZZA!!!” I said, “How about CUPCAKES?!” She got overly excited so of course I cancelled my plans with my best friends and we rushed out to the nearest grocery store. She said this was her first time baking cupcakes, and she insisted on doing everything on her own…as any BIG girl would. It was quite an experience. I just love creating these memories with her, and carrying a tad of the load with her mom when I can…or just walking beside her for a little extra support.

Of course, I made this an educational experience when I could. Here she’s reading the directions and sounding out unfamiliar words. 😉

I’m not 100% sure that this batter was egg shell free. EEEK!

Everyone’s favorite part of baking cake? LICKING THE BATTER! Yummmmy! & Don’t worry…we haven’t had any issues with Salmonella.

Blue toppings for the boys, Pink toppings for the girls, and SPRINKLES for EVERYONE! This was her idea as well.

 Guys, the cupcakes were truly hideous, but my baby was SO proud and that’s all that mattered! Her grandma was sleep so she literally carried them to her room, woke her up to show her our finished product. 

Of course I went to school the next day. This was MJ at her desk working on a narrative.

Marveling over her cupcakes & making sure each kid got the right color cupcake! 😉

Kid Bop’s Cha-Cha Slide was in heavy rotation & the party really got started!

MJ and her lead teacher, Ms. Tucker (left) and Ms. Wright (left).

Of course all the kids wanted a picture with MJ because she’s a cool kid and her Meme had the big boy camera so I suggested we just take a class pic. I had all the kids yell “So long 1st grade!” and this is also where it hit me and I got teary eyed. NO JUDGING!

We’re ready for you 2nd grade!

  1. Bri' Howard says:

    Tears of joy. I’m going to give u a call. Very good Job MEME 🙂

  2. Lateefah Reese says:

    This is beautiful.

  3. Renee McCalla says:

    I loved it too, time for me to POP out a few and you take pics

  4. Jacque Evans Hanna says:

    OMG! I have never smiled so hard. This was so touching anb brought back memories of Farrahn in 1st grade and feeling proud about her every move. Of course we always made everything seem so over the top great when she did it. Even if it was hideous because that’s what great parents do! All of your moments with the God babies are pre parent experiences and getting you ready for the real deal someday! I LOVE and remain PROUD of you Farrahn.

  5. DeeDee Greenwood-Fiffie says:

    That was really nice Farrahn, I enjoyed reading it and loved the pics.

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