Lately, I’ve been getting requests to do senior pictures or just portraits of people alone. I think my heart is with families and all things kid related, but I got an awesome new lens and I’d been really wanting to try my luck with it. I don’t think I realized how many paths you can go down with photography. There’s so many things you can specialize in, so many ways to post edit, so much of EVERYTHING so I’m just trying to find MY nitch and perfect it…and I’m thoroughly enjoying the journey.

I met Dianna through working at Aerie…and randomly we took a class together at Georgia State. Since I first mentioned photography she’s been EXTREMELY supportive, more-so than friends I’ve known for years and years. Dianna’s been helping me make things for shoots, carrying around stuff, & doing an awful job of helping indecisive me make decisions, lol! She’s also been more than willing to be my muse. One of the great things about retail is that people come and go and if you’re lucky…you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a few genuinely good hearted people.

& I am not opposed to doing senior shoots, btw. At least for now.

I now have a portable backdrop set-up for clients that prefer the traditional style photos.

Dianna has a twin, Xylona. I have a few pictures of them together in my galleries, but hopefully we’ll do another shoot of them together very soon. I wouldn’t dare put some of them up from my first attempt. I didn’t really know what I was doing during that first shoot. LOL! HUMBLE BEGINNINGS.

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