Clint & Renee Married!


So weddings aren’t necessarily my “thing”…not just yet anyway, but Renee is such a dear friend and I’d been itching to experiment with my new camera and lenses. She had a photographer, but as a friend there were things that I thought I could assist him with capturing. For an example, Renee had a tough time before the wedding because her brother, Bully, is no longer with us. So while the photographer was taking group pics I followed the flower girls around…specifically her brother’s daughter, Harmony, with my camera.

My favorite picture of them all is the picture of Renee and Clint’s first dance. She cried throughout the dance, and I kept thinking of how magical that moment must be. Technically, it might not be my best work because I could have gotten it into focus a little more, but just looking at the picture takes me back to that sweet sweet moment with them slow dancing as husband and wife to Anthony Hamilton’s The Point of it All. Ah, but I digress…enjoy the pictures.


I pray that you two will live happily ever after…forever. I’ve always admired your relationship/friendship. I’m incredibly happy for you!

  1. Mary Richardson Thompson says:

    Great job!

  2. Renee McCalla says:

    I love it , thanks for being there, to share our momentous occasion….. There was so many things happening that day and I’m glad you were able to capture so much…..

  3. Jay Miller says:

    beautiful pictures!

  4. David Walker says:

    Awww, so sweet.

  5. Renee McCalla says:

    In a thousand years to come, I can reread your commentary and still tear up…..

  6. Shawnell J. Pollock says:

    You’ve captured this moment beautifully… 🙂

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