These are my little cousins, Lofton (LL-Little Lofton) & Ja’marri (JE), and maaan are they a handful. I went with their mom, Shatavia, to get a few shots of them. I tried to do a shoot with them back when I was building my portfolio. I made the mistake of picking them up and attempting to do the photoshoot ALONE. They taught me a valuable lesson. You NEED assistance when trying to  capture those precious moments with very busy little ones…especially when they’re 1 and 2. This time we went to the park and did a few inside. Enjoy!

& stay tuned for Shatavia’s maternity pictures when she’s a little further along.


I still prefer the on-location shoots, but as I stated in my previous post it’s nice to offer studio photos as well. This was my first real attempt at studio lighting and a studio set up with kids. I plan to improve on this aspect, but not too shabby for a first timer, eh? 😉

Easily MY FAVORITE kid photo to date! They were naturals in front of the camera. 

  1. April Lowe says:

    Love em’ cuzo! Keep up the good work!

  2. Shatavia Llnjemommy Johnson says:

    I love these pictures I’m almost ready to take some more of my own!

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