Pollock Family Pt II


As I edited these pictures I kept thinking back to about 2006. Shawnell added a pic to fb that said something like “…in a perfect world.” She’d Photoshopped Bully into a picture with her and Harmony. While I’m not saying that it doesn’t still sting not having Bully here or that we live in a perfect world, but it’s pretty amazing that today Shawnell’s got that picture perfect family. Within minutes of Horace being home from work he greeted everyone, changed, and got right down to helping us get the kids together. I just felt SO happy for Shawnell. She could have completely stopped moving forward after dealing with something so tragic, but she didn’t and eventually the perfect guy for her and her family was placed in her life. What a true testament of faith and patience. 😀

If you didn’t catch part 1 with just the kids…see it here!

Shawnell drew this free hand on Sammie’s nursery accent wall!

4 generations!


  1. Shawnell J. Pollock says:

    Now your just trying to make me cry… I absolutely love it!! You will go down in history for doing our first family shoot…

  2. Tiffany Brooks says:

    This was a really touching post.

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