The Pollock Family Part I


I’ve been waaaiting to get this little beauty in front of my camera lens for quite a while. I went to pick up MJ one day, and Harmony was over. I was amazed at how much she’s grown and just how polite she was. I said “Harmony, you probably don’t remember me.” and she said “Yes, I do.” &  she gave me a huge hug. The entire time I was talking to her she was the sweetest girl. While building my portfolio I asked her mom if I could take a few photos of her and what do you know…her mom goes into labor on the day that  I was supposed to shoot her. Now, I’ve had the opportunity to capture not one but TWO gorgeous children.

After I posted Harmony’s sneak peek picture to fb my best friend called me from work and said nothing but “O.M.G. Harmony is beautiful. I mean, I’ve always thought so but my goooodness she’s GORGEOUS.” & then she hung up. LOL!

Signs of a good shoot. Sammie was in a deep sleep by the end of the session!

  1. Joi BlürmanBeauty says:

    I can’t WAIT to frame them!!
    Thank you for helping us FINALLY get family photos I can be proud of!!

  2. Bri' Howard says:

    Luv these photos

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