Oh, how I have missed you!


I’ve been away from my blog because my computer has been away from me. It was an awful month without her. Yes, it’s a her. I’ve had these greeeeat images just sitting. I finished up a tough summer school semester, and I had nothing but free time for two weeks. TWO WEEKS that I could have been pouring over photography blogs and editing until the sun comes up. I was so miserable without it that I got an Ipad…I actually bought it a week before I put my laptop in the shop because I knew I’d need something. It’s pretty sad, eh? I think I’m a little too attached so I’m going to work on implementing some type of strict schedule for myself once school ends. I’m in desperate need of stability. I’ll come back later to talk about that and monthly goals that I’m going to start working on.

I joined clickin moms, and I’ve been learning SOOO much from that site. It’s unbelievable. I’m not a mom, but it’s a community for women that are in various areas of photographer. I think it was founded by a mom just wanting to document her kids’ lives. It’s funny though because a lot of the women in the forums are actually moms and they practice on their kids…I’ve had to tell a few people that my practice “subjects” aren’t actually MY biological kids, but my god kids. I mean…how could I NOT use them for practice? All 3 of them are good lookin’!

Before I turned my laptop in, I took these pictures of my Pey Bear (yep, she’s no longer Pey Baby…she’s going to be my size at 4 or 5 so I figured I might as well switch my nickname for her now, 😉 ) She was SOOO patient with me while I tweaked settings. She laughed easily, she sat still, she didn’t both the ridiculous headband I insisted she wear. She was just a dream. In fact, she was so well behaved that it was scary. She made me pay for it that night though!

I just can’t believe she wasn’t trying to run away. She just sat there like she knew she what time it was! LOL!

She was 6 months on this pic…Standing up by herself and looking out the window for soooo long. Def not your avg. 6 mo. old.

“I mean, can I take a bath in peace?!” 

She wouldn’t be Pey if she didn’t deliver tears before the day ended. 

  1. Lee English says:

    Nice pics, but why is this cute little baby crying?

  2. Farrahn says:

    lol! She’s crying because we have spoiled her ROTTEN!

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