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Here’s another personal post. This isn’t my photography nor is it about that. In my “about me” section I said that I would also use this blog to give snapshots of my personal life. I was told I should separate the 2, but I disagree. I have no problem with being open & sincere about who I am and things that matter to me…with anyone that cares to listen/look. Perhaps something will inspire you. Either way enjoy this “behind the scenes” post about a 25th birthday and a decade of friendship.

Excuse any typos, it came directly from my heart with tears in my eyes.

Wow. 10 years ago I had no idea that I’d met a friend that would be a part of my life forever. In fact, I don’t think I knew what it took to even be a friend. Outside of my mom, I don’t even think I’d ever had a friend before you. I just used the term loosely as many ppl do. We’ve always said we want to find spouses that are truly friends like we’ve been to one another. You’ve set the bar pretty dang high! They say if you’re lucky you’ll meet 3 people in your lifetime that will sincerely be friends. Welp, I know I’ve been blessed with at least 1.

Through the years people have come and gone, and I’m sure that’ll continue, but one thing that will be constant is our friendship. I’ll never ever say I don’t “need” you because I do. I’ve heard people say that we’re still so young and that life is only beginning. The one thing I know about life is that it’s unpredictable and unfair at times. You can be on top one day and hit rock bottom the next. We’ll someday have families and whoooo knows what trials will come with that. What I’m trying to say is…. We’re definitely going to need each other along the road we call life. Count on me.

I know that you’re having a tough birthday, but you shouldn’t be. You’ve come a long way… pretty much by yourself…never expecting a handout, credit, or recognition. I admire that about you. You’re so determined. You said you’d get a car on your own and you worked your butt off to get it and paid it off. You said you’d make a career for yourself without going to college and you have your own store now. Your drive and focus is solid and God is opening doors for you…be thankful for that today, Stace. You don’t have a negative bone in your body and people can sense that about you…that’s why you’re soooo loved by so many people. To be honest, many ppl said that we’d grow a part because we were so different and traveling down separate roads…booooy were they wrong. Sometimes I even believed it because we are very different, but what ppl wouldn’t know from the outside looking in is that we’re also a lot alike. I think it’s our spirit & how hard we love.

It has been such a pleasure laughing, crying, partying, venting, shopping, celebrating, road tripping, threatening each other’s guy, freaking out, praying, CRYING …with you over the years, my dearest friend. I know that I can be tough with my advice and opinion but thanks for always valuing my voice and coming to me. Know that it’s never been or going to be judgement. I’m in your corner and I’m going to keep encouraging and even pushing you to do what’s necessary to WIN.

For anyone reading this that may think it’s too mushy. We’ve heard the gay jokes for YEARS. We’ve also heard “Dang. You two are the true definition of best friends!” People aren’t super loyal (especially females) anymore so I understand the ignorance now. I just can’t see myself waiting until tragedy strikes to tell a person of importance how much I love and appreciate them.

& I’m looking forward to your next 25! Chin up, Stace Face. I love you with all my heart.

You are my Cici Bloom ( Beaches reference for those that don’t know)!!!



  1. Tequila Dunn says:

    This is sooooo sweet! I love it! And your photography is beautiful! My co-workers and I smiled looking through each picture!

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