Goals for the GREATEST month ever!!!


I’ve been known to spend hours on end in front of the computer reading, crying, and smiling at blog posts by photographers or random people that I don’t REALLY know. So now that I have my OWN blog, I’ve debated for months as to which route I want my blog to go. I’ve heard from people that know nothing about blogging nor running a photography business that I should keep my personal life separate from my business life. I was hesitant to post anything outside of my work here, but I have decided that this is MY blogosphere. This entire process has been a risk for me. I’ve invested in equipment, I’ve invested my time, and my heart. So I’m ok with the risk. After I’ve prayed about it I now wait on that peace, and once I have it…I go with it. So what better way to get to know your photog than the personal section of their blog? I happen to LOOOOVE photographers that post about their personal lives on their blogs so why wouldn’t I incorporate that into MY blog?!? When it’s time for ME to get married, I’m not just going to choose a photographer that’ll take awesome pictures, but one that’ll connect with us emotionally.   How can you be a journalist/photographer but not keep track or spend just as much time journaling/documenting your own life?! It happens, and I don’t want to be that person.

It wasn’t until my mom told me of someone frequenting my blog and LOVING my work so much…and this was a guy. I thought “WOW! You never know who’s looking!” and judging off of my blog stat report there are quite a few looking…even if they don’t comment on here. By the way, I’m totally fine with the creepers because I just creep on SEVERAL blogs. I’ve gotten emails and fb msgs from ppl that I don’t know…ppl that I wouldn’t think would ever have any type of connection to me. Have I booked shoots for them all? No, but they’ve had great things to say. So maybe I wont be your photographer, but maybe you’ll check out my site and get inspired…maybe to follow your dreams, maybe to love a little more, maybe to start a family, maybe to lean on God. Idk! That’s just what I hope for with this site. People always make the internet out to be this horrible thing. The truth is, it can be…like ANYTHING in life, but there is some good on the internet . I’ve been fortunate to find it, and I hope to add to it.

So every Sunday evening my boyfriend jots down his weekly “to do” list or goals. One day I suggested we tell each other about our monthly goals and maybe even come up with some goals as a couple. We drew blanks. I told him “I know we’re GREAT people and all but surely we’ve got some areas that need work.” I got to thinking about how many things I say I want to do and then the days go by so quickly that I just never get around to them. Well, that stops THIS month. I’ve heard that putting it out there…holds you more accountable. I’m going to post my monthly goals (personal and business) here every first of the month and also report on how they worked out the previous month.

I hope that this will inspire YOU to think about areas where you need work. If it helps you can tell me and I’ll be sure to check in on ya!

  • Find personal bible study lesson plans 
  • Hand write 2 letters to 2 ppl I love
  • Do something to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month…a fundraising walk maybe?
  • Blog at least 4 shoots for the month
  • Reactive LA Fitness membership & work out at least 3 x’s a week
  • Juice at least once a day on weekdays
  • Cut out McDonalds (Don’t let that little evil dollar menu control you)
  • Cook at least 3 new healthy meals
  • Try out a new hairstylist
  • Get ahead on schoolwork and lesson plans and ENJOY 25th birthday!!!!!!

Please feel free to comment on the blog…emails and texts are still welcomed, but you can aaaalways comment on the blog. You can also add yours monthly goals here if you’d like! I’d love to hear them…might inspire my next set of goals.

  1. Arturoooooooooo says:

    This is a great post. Goals are essential towards improvement.
    I am going to share my goals for the world to see

    I am going to read at least One Bible verse Per Day
    Save More, Spend Less (After October 14th, of course)
    I am going to read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”
    I am going to eat more healthy, and continue exercising
    I will drink no more than 1 soda per day, and no Cokes

    Thats a start, just remember, A GOAL without a PLAN, is just a WISH

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