Christian’s Christmas Shoot


I feel like I’ve watched this baby grow from birth. I’ve known her dad since my Augusta State days, and he might be THE most proud dad I know. I am always awwww’ing over his IG pics/posts about her. I became acquainted with Christian’s mom as well, in hopes of one day photographing her. I knew she was a beautiful baby, but I had no idea what a treat I was in for when we finally met for the shoot. Nas and Chris are proving to be excellent parents. They don’t just dress her super cute and show her off to the world, they adore and work with her. Christian is so bright! She was such a little character, and her shoot was one of the funniest I’ve had to date. We were dancing, singing, and laughing the entire time….well, on the second day that is. Yes, she required a two day shoot. The first day was a little somber, and I caught her RIGHT after nap time. Also, I learned that doing a shoot with a one year old on a super busy day is in the park is daunting for the baby. The next day was when the fun began. I suuuuuuure do hope to work with her again in the spring!

SO glad Nas was comfortable and happy to join Christian in pics. This is one of my allllll time faves!Christian’s hair got a little messed up, but I still LOVE this.How cute are they?!Everyone in the park loved Christian!

Thanks for looking!

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