Kai’s Christmas Pics


I love that through photography I’m able to reconnect with family and friends! My first Christmas shoot was with my cousin Karianna (Kessa) and her babygirl, Kai. We’ve been planning to get together for pics for her for quite a while, but life has been getting in the way. I’m SO happy that we finally made the time! I loved doing the shoot and spending time with them in general because Kai has enough personality to sell!!! She’s at the age where she wants to be independent. She wouldn’t sit still for aaaanything, and I think that’s ok. That’s what separates hiring a freelance photographer and taking your baby to a studio…most of us know that your kid HATES sitting still and we actually enjoy running after them and just waiting on that special shot. I’m not sure if it was me she loved or MJ, but getting her to laugh was quite easy. She’s an extreeemely happy baby, and I am looking forward to many many more photo shoots with this little beauty!

They say that when you have a girl all of the attitude you once gave your mom comes right back around and although I remember Kessa as a quiet, smart, and super sweet child…she must have had a little tude behind closed doors because it suuure came out of Kai. She’s a mama’s girl to the core at times, but I was craaacking up at Kessa’s attempts to hold her hand. She kept snatching away and wanting to run off on her own.

It must have been extremely funny. lol!

We ended the shoot with a little McDonalds for Kai and then Ru San’s for us! 

Thanks for looking!

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