Toot & Taylor’s Christmas Shoot


These kids are no strangers to my blog. They make as many appearances as my God kids…It’s Toot & Taylor! Taylor was my very first newborn shoot and now she’s THREE months! She wasn’t as easy going and sleepy as she was 3 months ago…oh no…she was a little baby diva. She required resting periods, milk on demand, and to be held here and there. LOL! Toot couldn’t decide if he loved pictures or hated them, but regardless we got AWESOOOOME shots! He also decided that he might want to be a photographer and took this opportunity to help me get the shots. He was directing me on how to pose them, what they should be doing, the faces they should be making, etc. It was interesting to say the least…LOL!

Thanks to Nichelle for continuously supporting my growing business and being on top of capturing all these special moments for her beautiful babies!

Thanks for looking! 

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