& the Oscar Award goes to………


Ok. There’s no Oscar Award here…YET. My dear friend Alicia is in what I would imagine to be the best position to get into acting. She’s young, it’s just her, she’s beautiful, and she lives in New York! When she told me she’d started making the necessary steps to begin this journey I was SOOOO SO SO SO excited for her! I could totally see her in movies…especially if she can land a role that requires a lot of happiness and smiling. When she asked me to do her head-shots, I could not get “YES!” out fast enough! Any way that I can show my friends the support or help in the same way that they have and continue to show me…I’m all in. What I love most about Alicia asking me to do this shoot for her is that she knew this wasn’t my comfort zone as far as photography and yet and still she still values my time and business so much that she did not expect this to be a free shoot. Ah, I love my friends…such blessings!

Anyway, check out these head shots and send up a prayer for my friend and her blossoming journey!

This isn’t for her portfolio, but this is soooo Alicia! Hehe!

Thanks for looking!

  1. Camdian Mckie says:

    Alicia is sooo cute

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