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Ah. I’m going to try not to make this TOO TOO lengthy, but there is SOOOO much to say about this family…and this day. In the first week of January 2012 I blindly sent Craig Obrist an email. He did one of my classmate’s wedding early in the year, and his work really stuck with me. It wasn’t even just that he did an awesome job, but it was the blog that accompanied it. His beautiful work matched by beautiful words. I’d reached out to several photographers…some responded and some didn’t, but I hadn’t gotten the response I was seeking. I was almost desperate around the time I sent him an email. I thought…”He’d never respond, but I just want to know where I should start” & sure enough…The Obrists responded! I learned quickly that they were a team. It wasn’t just Craig…but it was Craig and Unchong. Not only did they respond, but they invited me to have coffee to talk about photography. Craig held nothing back…He told me where to begin & mistakes he made starting off. From that day forward…we’ve spent many weekends together shooting weddings and families and talking about photography. Without them, this blog would not exist & neither would my business. I thank God soooo often for bringing them into my life. They are genuinely an awesome family and I look up to Craig and Unchong on so many levels. Fast foward ONE year later…

Craig texts me on New Years Day, “Unchong is in labor! Are you willing to shoot the birth?” Woooo-hooo! I’d been trying to convince a family to do this for some time. I have yet to hear from a family that has had it done that they regret it. I’ve heard from birthing photographers that it is soooo fufilling to capture this moment in time. I was ECSTATIC that although it was a little uncomfortable for Unchong she wanted and trusted ME to do this. I did everything in my power to keep her as comfortable with my presence during the labor and delivery. I always left the room or turned around when she needed a private moment. I didn’t care about missing certain shots if it meant that I would have to make her uncomfortable. During the labor and delivery I was at her end of the bed. I didn’t care to blog ANYTHING without getting her stamp of approval for each picture…and now that I have that…I would love to show you the last little Obrist.

So funny now, we would be joking and talking and Unchong would be laughing with us…& then she’d say, “Ok guys. I’m gone again…here comes a contraction.”I’m not sure how Unchong would have done without Craig’s constant coaching and encouragement during the delivery process. The nurse said he used the bathroom as soon as he came out so really Unchong delivered a 9 lb baby. Unchong’s mom was there for the delivery as well. She stuck by her daughter’s side every second of the process.

There is nothing like a mother’s love…& that never changes.LOVE.Being a photographer, Craig couldn’t resist getting a few shots of his own.One of my faves!


Eli was a litte overwhelmed at first, but didn’t take long for her to want to love all over Ethan.

I adore The Obrists!

Thanks for looking!

  1. Jewel PanPan says:

    Beautifully captured. Many blessings to this happy family!

  2. Kim Stokes says:

    This is amazing! I admire you for following your dreams and aspirations and working so hard towards something that you enjoy…good work, Farrahn!

  3. Kara Stokes says:

    Ummm, one of those moments you made me almost cry.

  4. Jacque Evans Hanna says:

    I am soooo proud of you! I can’t wait to see your name in lights as the best sought after photographer. I love you my baby girl!

  5. Mrs Rosalind says:

    Ms Farrahn,
    Simply beautiful! What a experience to be able to share such a special occasion with this lovely family.

    You have helped them to preserve memories that will last a lifetime.
    Well done! Love Mrs Rosalind

  6. Cristal J Hannah says:

    Amazing!! God is going to give you everything your heart and hands can handle!

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