Porscha & Marlon…MARRIED!


SO excited to share something a tad different for me. I’ve been second shooting weddings for Craig and taking a few nice pictures while attending weddings of close friends and family, but I’ve recently started getting inquiries to do weddings as the lead photographer! I must say that I respect that area of photography sooooo much. It is TOUGH TOUGH work, but I was fortunate to work with a bride that believed in me 100%. Porscha was the opposite of a Bride-zilla!!! Since the first time we met over coffee she was as sweet as can be. We talked about her wedding details and everything in between for about TWO hours! It’s no wonder that she had about 17 honorary bridesmaids. When a person is as kind and genuine as Porscha you have to expect her to have a lot of friends. Not only is Porscha awesome, but so is her new husband, Marlon. He was easy going, and I absolutely loooooved watching their connection on their special day…so much so that I cried that day… A LOT. There was SOOO much love and emotion, and I just hope I captured that. I pray that you two live happily ever after…I believe in that kind of stuff. 😉

It has been sooo hard sitting on these bridal pictures! Porscha looked SO beautiful!!!

…and now for the wedding day! She isn’t really into make-up…and lucky for her she was gorgeous and glowing before she even put her make-up on.“Today starts forever.”

“Yep. & I can’t wait!”

I LOOVE LOVE LOVE this shot. It looks like Porscha was happy and possessed all of the confidence in the world…as every bride should on this special day.

One of the first and only things that Porscha felt was imperative for me to capture on this day was something symbolizing how much she loved her late aunt. She wanted her presence to be a part of the ceremony in some type of way. There was a candle lit in her memory before the ceremony began. I’m sure her aunt was looking down on this day and crying happy tears with the rest of us.

Marlon waiting anxiously to see his leading lady for their “first look”…

Marlon’s boys!

& now for the reception…

Porscha’s brother gave the most heartfelt toast.

& Marlon’s friend and co-worker gave the funniest toast.

One of my favorite moments of the day/evening was Porscha and her brother’s surprise first dance. They danced to all of the classics. It was definitely something to see!

Their relationship is simply AMAZING.

& a special thanks to Shawnell Pollock for suggesting me to Porscha and my second shooter, Jacque…aka my mom. This wouldn’t have happened without you two.

Thanks for looking!!!


  1. Roxann says:

    Beautiful! !!! Just wonderful and full of love!!!

  2. Jonnie Pollock says:

    Beautiful pics. Love it.

  3. Stacy Williams Barron says:

    Tears! 🙂 It was a beautiful day!

  4. Pat Tylus Terry Madison says:

    OMG! everything was just beautiful! I’m so happy your day was special! As the director, that’s all that mattered to me!

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