Burnett Family Maternity & Newborn Session


Hello family and friends (whether you are current or a soon to be friend)!

Ah. It just feels good to be here, present on my trusty little blog. As you can imagine, this last semester has been hectic. I’m pleased that I did not have to COMPLETELY abandon photography. I was able to meet with a few families for sessions. The Burnett’s were one of the first for 2013. We met for their maternity pics in January. Then, I had the pleasure of meeting with them at their home in March for a newborn session with their first baby girl, Sofia Grace.

One thing I have come to learn about newborn photography is that you MUST be patient. I’ve worked with about five newborns at this point, and I have only had one sleep the session away. Anyway, little Sofia let me know immediately that she was running the show in this home, at least for now. LOL! Her mom has these super cute headbands, and I had these super cute poses and ideas, but after she’d had enough she definitely let us know! I think that’s what I love about newborns, in a way they are predictable and then again they aren’t. Although they’re all so tiny and adorable and you know they wont be running away from ya, you still never know exactly what you’ll get!

It was great getting to work with the same family for these MAJOR MAJOR happenings in their lives.

I just love shooting during this time of the day. The “golden hour” light is pure perfection. It never disappoints and compliments my beautiful clients so well.

and then fast forward a couple of months… 😀

I love it when I catch them stretching out. So cute!

I have decided to offer announcement cards as an additional printing option. For pricing details please check out my Investment page.

Thanks for looking!

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