Baby girl…coming soon! ~ Atlanta Maternity Photographer


Thank God for patience because HE knows that Jawelle (Jae) and I had to have it for this shoot to happen. I mean, we talked SOOOO much about the weather over the last month or two that I felt like we became a little closer than we would have otherwise. The rain continued to ruin our plans…weekened…after weekend…after weekend. I think eventually we both just prayed that baby girl would be patient with us and Mother Nature. Luckily, we were able to make the shoot happen.

Again, I’m thankful for the support that I am continuously getting, and it’s always great when people suggest me to their awesome friends and family members. I believe Jae found me through suggestions from a few friends. Not only was she so sweet, but her boyfriend and mother were pretty sweet too! I did something that I don’t normally do, and I shot a birthday party (see previous blog) AND this maternity shoot. I played it cool, but after being in the sun, chasing babies for pics, etc……..I was DOG TIRED. I also knew I  had a 10 hour drive ahead of me. As soon as I met Jae and her family, I felt very positive vibes, and I just knew that all was going to go well. We chatted throughout the shoot, and I remember leaving the shoot and calling my boyfriend (as I do after every shoot), and just telling him how this family was such a breath of fresh air! I wouldn’t have wanted to work with any other family on the evening of her maternity shoot.

Prayers for a safe delivery, Jae! I’m looking forward to someday getting baby girl in front of my camera! 🙂

Piedmont Park is just so huge that I never think to suggest it for maternity shoots, but Jae was all up for it! I love the city behind them! 

Her little dog, Wiz, was a nice touch, with his little cute Polo shirt. LOL!

Thanks for looking!

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