You’ve got the cutest little bump! ~ Augusta, GA Maternity Photographer


If you would have told me 10 years ago “Farrahn, I predict in 10 years, YOU’ll be taking maternity pictures for JANET.” I would have thought you’d lost your mind…and fortunately, I would have been SO wrong because here we are…she is certainly getting ready to welcome a baby boy. I don’t doubt for one second that Janet (Nunu) wont be an excellent parent because she’s an awesome “Aunt Nunu” to my God kids and her little niece Harmony. They love her! It’s just going to be a different experience watching her with a little one during that teeny tiny stage, but as I stated, I know that those natural mothering skills will kick in and she’ll do a great job, and I’m excited to watch her journey. Hopefully, I’ll be called a few more time to take pictures along the way.

I’ve enjoyed editing these pictures, and I had  a very hard time choosing which ones to share for sneak peeks. She’s got the smallest and cutest little seven month bump that I’ve ever seen! It’s probably a good thing that I don’t live in Augusta because I would have wanted to try all sorts of new things with her and her bump, and I know she would have been all up for it! Anyway, I appreciate being asked to help capture this huuuuge moment, and I rrrreally hope that I’m able to come up when this little one enters this world! Eeek! Exciting!

She’s definitely no stranger to the camera, but this time she had to learn to work with a new little accessory. 

I wanted to see the happy, laughing, and softer side come out for this shoot, and I have to say…that side is just as beautiful.

Love these intimate shots!

There’s a second part to our shoot that I’m holding off on sharing, but just know that I am so excited about it that  IT IS KILLLLLING ME to not show them to the world (or at least those in the world that I know), but clients’ wishes (especially those that I love and adore so much) are ALWAYS respected here. 😉


Thanks for looking!

  1. Renee McCalla says:

    ii cried the whole way…….. through the photos, your the best…. let me wipe my tears before Miss NUNU walks in!

  2. NuNu Gholson says:

    Thank you sooooo much, for capturing this wonderful experience. As you know, this whole pregnancy thing is all new to me. I would have never thought, I would be taking maternity photos. I’m so use to photographers taking photos of me on the runway. I was 5 months pregnant when I did my last runway gig and no one knew that I was pregnant. I was trying figure out how I could tell the world MY SECRET. I was thinking the best way to tell MY SECRET, would be through a photo shoot, being that I do love the camera and modeling is my passion. So , I thought long and hard about, who was going to capture my beautiful experience. I needed to be comfortable with this person and for this person to guide me through the process of my new experience. The light bulb went off and it clicked, Farrahn did take some of my sister’s wedding photos and they turned out great! And Farrahn also, has taken pictures of my sister n law and her family as well as my nieces and nephew. So, whata know, we have a photographer in our family, so DISCOUNT! LOL! The day of my shoot, I was so excited! Farrahn had so many ideas and she even provided wardrobe for me. She was always open for new ideas, which is always good in my book, because I like taking risks! I had so much fun and overall I was comfortable! I can’t wait to open up new chapters in my life so Farrahn can capture them for me. Farrahn is a JOY to work with, I would recommend her for any type of event that is essential in your life! After the shoot, Farrahn, puts an extra special effort into editing your photos and she presents them as a gift. (And you know everyone gets excited when they receive a gift.) There is still more to come….. BABY SHOWER TIME! To be continued……….THANK YOU AGAIN, Farrahn Evans.

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