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So excited to share another birth story! Ever since (maybe even before) photographing my first birth, I have prayed and waited patiently for another.

Laura and I went to high school together, and she happened to comment on a birth post on my facebook page “I don’t think I’d ever do this, but if I did it would have to be with you.” Then, imagine my shock and excitement when I received a message from her a few months later saying that she was pregnant and considering birth photography.

I know that having someone in the room during such an intimate time is far fetched to most people, but as I stated with my last birth, your comfort comes first in my book. Being a rather modest person myself, I turn around during moments when you need that private time, and everything that I shoot is from the head down. I really try to take pictures that you, your family, and even your little one will enjoy looking at for years to come. I go over the images with my clients before publishing ANYTHING. I get approval for every single image.

With all of that said, Laura and her husband were all aboard, and I was there to capture sweet Cady making her entrance into this world. I also want to just say that I am very proud of Laura. She was very knowledgable about the entire process, and although she became exhausted during the process she hung in there and kept saying that she wouldn’t give up (although I don’t think Dr. Joseph would have allowed her to anyway)! She was comical throughout her delivery and exhibited SO much strength. I’m sure that her and Jeremy will be amazing parents to Little Miss Cady! Enjoy Cady’s birth story images!

Their last family of TWO pics! <3 


I’m sure everyone was laughing at something Laura said here!

I technically can’t see the progress made from where I’m standing, but I can ALWAYS tell when the baby is about here from the smile or tears on the proud dad’s face. One of the best moments during the entire process.

Dr. Allan Joseph is probably the most amazing Doctor ever! He welcomed the idea of Laura getting these images and covered her up well for pictures. He was funny when necessary and also very caring. Loved him! 

The other awesome moment is when the new mommy gets her precious little one placed in her arms for the first time. I think at this point I had tears in MY eyes. LOL!

Mrs. Laurie stayed by her daughter’s side through the entire labor and delivery. Then, it was love at first sight for her with her sweet granddaughter.

More grandmother love!


The new family of THREE.

Cady had tons of visitors anxious to see her since she came into this world. She’s one loved little girl! Again, I feel honored that I was able to be the one to document such a HUUUGE moment in Laura and Jeremy’s lives!



Thanks for looking!

  1. Laurie Wirsu says:

    Awe, you did an amazing job…making me cry all over again! Thanks for being a part of this special time in Laura and Jeremy’s and creating this awesome journal for all of us to look back at and enjoy!

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