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You might remember a few of these faces from a maternity shoot I shared a few months back. If you didn’t check that shoot out, Casey is one of my closest friend’s sister. Chloé  is  was the little lady in waiting. I had absolutely noooo idea that Casey was interested in birth pictures. I’ve been trying not to put any pressure on any of my friends or their family in regards to birth photography so I’m not even sure that I ever asked. So again, I was shocked and thrilled when Ciera called and asked if I’d take these pictures for her sister. I believe my response was, “Wait. CASEY’S IN LABOR?! OF COOOOURSE, I’ll do it!!!! PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS IS WHAT SHE WANTS!!!” Chloé decided to make her grand entrance into this world a tad earlier than we’d all expected.

Now, I’m learning more and more that EVERY. SINGLE. EXPERIENCE. will be different. These experiences through photography have truly changed my outlook on life in so many ways. Prior to this day, I witnessed 4 precious babies come into this world. Besides intense pain and pressure at times, they’ve all gone pretty smoothly. I thought…”I could pretty much deliver a baby myself at this point”, but boy was I wrong. It’s not that I didn’t know this all along, but being there for this birth truly made me realize that if nothing else, we should always honor and respect our mothers. From day one a mother makes sacrifices for her baby, even if she doesn’t realize she is. We should appreciate our lives and new life because it is just so so sooo precious. Without going into TOO much detail, I’ll just say that I’m really thankful that Casey had the doctor she had because things did not go according to “plan”, but her doctor remained calm, delivered Casey’s baby via c-section instead of the plan that started out that day, and saved Casey’s life. Wait. Let me give Chloé credit as well. The doctor said that “Chloé’s refusal to come through pushing saved Casey’s life. Had she been delivered as planned, Casey wouldn’t have made it.” The doctors thought that they would have to resuscitate the baby when she made it here, but she came out perfect. 🙂 What an amazing birth story that Casey and Chloé will always have. Little angel baby.

Yep. She was born on THE 4th of July. “Doodle Bug”. So glad they decided against changing her middle name to something related to the holiday. LOL!

HUGE contractions. We were minutes away from “show time”.

Lol! I just love Mrs. Sally!

Ciera’s such a nurturing and supportive sister and friend. Nope, can’t tell at all that she’s working in the medical field. LOL!

Tron’s mom (one of Chloé’s grandmothers) waiting anxiously & Tron catching up on sleep.

So ready to love on her granddaughter. So sweet!

It was time….

As scared as everyone became…Casey’s support system tried not to let her see any type of panic and kept holding her hand and telling her all of the things she needed to hear at the time.

The last picture I got before things got to the point where I had to stop taking pictures and Casey had to be taken away to deliver the baby through c-section. 

A little while later,…in walks this proud dad.
I hate that I don’t have any more pictures from this special day with Casey in them, but I am very happy that she can experience those first moments that everyone saw her baby girl through these photos.

Kisses anyone?

Look at these looks. PURE LOVE.

The woman that came in on her anniversary to MAKE SURE that Casey had a safe delivery. I know this family is forever grateful. 

aaaand a few newborn shots.

  1. Sally Garrison Slaughter says:

    I can’t believe how beautiful and well put together you’ve made these. Actually I can, it’s you of course that took these : ) What I am actually trying to say is, you have done a phenomenal job, you captured the moment exactly as it was. This moment will live on forever, thanks to you and your amazing talent.

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