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So a few weeks ago I decided that I was sick and tired of the rain and cloudy days. I wasn’t loving the horrible available light. I was thinking that maybe I should take a little power from Mother Nature, and give studio light a shot, specifically for little tiny ones. Jae responded to my cry, and was all game for her sweet baby girl Blaire being my newborn model. 🙂

I love love love these, but I’m definitely not ready to ditch my beloved natural light. The main reason is because as you all know (or you will know if you’re interested in a shoot), I do not have a studio. I lug all of my gear from home to home. I’ve had clients tell me how much they prefer this for newborn shoots, but it is a lot to tote around and using studio lights just added to my luggage…thanks to Jae and her mom for helping this bag lady out a bit! I guess each shoot will just vary according to the weather. Anywhoooo, take a look at the itty bitty model!


She wasn’t a huge fan of falling asleep outside of her mommy’s arms, but I won…for a bit. 

Sometimes I just can’t choose if I adore color or black and white!

  1. Angelia Beaumont says:

    adorable! great shots!

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