Little 5 Points with The Diene’s!


I can be completely honest here and just say that I was soooo nervous about this shoot. It was completely out of my comfort zone. There were no little ones involved, and it was not to be in a familiar park or in the comfort of their home. Whitney knew from the start that she wanted something different, something honoring her husband’s African culture, aaand she wanted an urban vibe. I think we both knew that Little Five Points would be PERFECT for what she wanted. I just had no idea how I would shoot in such a busy part of town on a Sunday evening. I had no idea where we would shoot because I’ve never even thought about shooting a couple or family down there. Luckily, I’m aaalways up for different and a challenge…and I’m starting to love the adrenaline rush I get from “different” and the unexpected.

Anyway, they were perfect together, and vibed so well together that they needed very little direction. I hope that they felt like this was more of an experience than anything because I truly had a blast during their shoot. We talked, laughed, and they posed here and there. They were extremely easy to work with from the very beginning! Their shoot has me excited to get married……..and to do another photo-shoot in Little Five Points!

I’m hoping to work with you guys again in the near future!!!!

How awesome is the custom attire?! Little details of who they are, weaved all into this shoot. Gosh, they rocked it!

Having a client show up with props unique to their family is simply a photographers dreeeeam!

Love these shots of Whitney dressed in traditional Senegal attire.

Thanks for looking!!!

  1. Whitney Boyd Diene says:

    UGH! I still get all excited when I see these pictures. Thank you so much Farrahne for the beautiful shoot. I was so nervous, I don’t remember the last time I took one but you made this a very easy experience. <3

  2. Connie Hill says:

    AWESOME!!! So beautiful…excellent photo shoot

  3. Maylean Hampton says:

    My goodness.. These are beautiful.. Crystal clear, colorful. What more could one ask. You got it… Keep up the good work!

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