Baby Gholson


Shortly after I did this shoot, I had a major family emergency come up so I wasn’t able to blog this session or any others when I’d intended on it. So I’m back tracking before moving on with more holiday sessions. I just had to add my little Lam Lam to the blog. He was a few weeks older than most of my newborns and he thought sleep was over rated. It worked out that this happened to be a session of a friend…we talked and talked and waited and waited…and then we just gave up. I actually like the way that it turned out. It was a fortunate situation because Janet was so willing to be in majority of the shoot with her baby boy.

A few months ago I shared Nunu’s maternity session here on the blog….fast forward a few months and here we are. 🙂

He smiled and I melted.

Yelling at me on the left…”Sleep is for suckers!” Lol!

Thanks for looking!


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