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How nice it was to have Charmaine contact me for another shoot this year! I worked with her babygirl around the 3rd of July! I remember the date because, I remember working with her and then leaving for a birth that same day…and then shooting another birth the next day. I’d never had such a severe case of baby fever in my life! Lol! Anyway, this was one of the best emails ever because not only did Charmaine want me to take her immediate family’s pics, but she wanted to gift a session for her sister in law and her girls! How awesome! Both families were EXTREMEEELY easy to work with and their sessions flowed so naturally. I have to say that the two youngest were sooomething else and kept me laughing. It was such a cold two days, but Baby K smiled/laughed for almost EVERY SINGLE shot…and Candace’s baby girl would be warming up and when it was time for her shots, she’d toss her coat and BRING IT! LOLOL! I couldn’t be happier with their galleries. Although this was two separate sessions, I’m going to combine them here so this share is a bit larger. Enjoy!

Look at Baby K when she was just a few days old. <3 <3 <3

Now here she is about 5 months later. Just as happy as can be! 

Their sweet family. I love the color combination. 

Parents are normally the last ones to get shots at my sessions, so I made a conscious effort to not put a few of those off until the end.

One of my favorite “mommy and me” shots!

Lol! The one on the right is hilarious! 

Lol! I love her!


Bridges Family Part II

Lol! What did I tell you?! She was ready! I even think she posed herself here.

Candace could totally pass for “one of the girls” herself!” 

Candace with each of her little ladies. Love!

Of course we ended with a shot of everyone! 😉

Thanks for looking!


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