Vanderpool Family


I’d been praying for a few things pertaining to this session 1. The weather would work with us and 2. The Vanderpool dogs treat me kindly! I guess you can say everything went accordingly except for the fact that it was a pretttttty chilly day. Somehow we still managed to get some beautiful smiles from the little ones…and they were definitely a treat to work with!

I’m used to working with small dogs, but they made sure they treated me well. I’m glad we were able to include their fur babies!

Baby E’s big smiles just warm my little heart.

Such a little lady.

Thanks for looking!

  1. Gail Tompkins Curtis says:

    Beautiful family!

  2. Steven Baldwin says:


  3. Alesha Lane says:

    Love the pics!! Just Beautiful

  4. Linda says:

    These family pictures are breathtaking. A truly happy, loving and blessed family!

  5. Anita says:

    Lisa HarwellThey are good! I believe she cuaght you crying .. AND HOW can Jill look so pretty after having 2 babies? BTW which one was born first?

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