Hanna & Jin Family Session


It’s been far too long since I have blogged. 🙁 I said to my boyfriend the other day, “Idk how I’m even still getting hits or inquiries from my site. I haven’t been present on there in months.” I’ve tried my best to at least post sneak peeks on my Instagram and FB business page, but my poor blog has been a little neglected. I just have to be honest with you all…and myself. I have 21 kiddos now, and I HAVE BEEN DOWN RIGHT BUSY AND EXHAUSTED. I’M TALKIN’ FALLING ASLEEP AT 8PM EXHAUSTED. I started a new teaching position, and I’ve just gotten to the point where I can dedicate a little more time to photography again. Farrahn E. Photography is definitely still shooting. Lol! Before I post any new things, I want to share a few family sessions from the past holiday rush. First up, is Hanna & Jin’s family session!!!

I’m just sooo pleased with how this shoot turned out. I felt bad before we showed up for it because I knew it was going to be a cold day, but the girls were such great sports throughout the entire shoot. They are at my favorite age, they are old enough to know what’s going on, but young enough to not really care about the camera being pointed at them. Lol! They completely did their own thing for the camera and I LOVEEED that!!!

I’m so glad that we decided to not let the crazy weather stop this shoot from happening. It felt weird that this was my first time actually meeting Hanna because I feel like I’ve truly known her for a while, thanks to conversing via social networks and emailing for some time. & Hanna, let me just say that I have watched you from afar. You’ve handle a situation that would have completely broken most women. You’ve handled it with so much strength, class, and grace. In this year you’ve taught me so much about moving forward and not letting anything keep you down too long…and you didn’t even know it! I hope that we have started something here, and you’ll trust me to capture many many maaany more memories for you & Jin.

Again, I never wanted to go the railroad tracks route, but my goodness it really works! LOL!

What a beautiful family!

One of my favorite sibling shots…EVER.


My first album will be coming up soon and featuring this family. So stay tuned!

Thanks for looking!

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