The Polack Family – Take 3


There are many things that I love more than repeat clients, especially when they’re old friends! Laura and Jeremy are cool, but the excitement stems from knowing I’ll be working with their little Cady…sorry guys! Lol! We’ve done a birth, a newborn, and now a family/8 month old shoot together. It’s been great watching little Cady grow and also watchingLaura improve with her own pictures. If it’s one thing I know about Laura, it’s that she’s ambitious so it’s only a matter of time before she’s an amazing mom-tog. 😉  I love that Laura is just as into keeping these memories in the form of pictures as I am. I’m actually trying to persuade her to start “memory keeping” via Project Life now. LOL! I don’t want to go on a tangent so that’ll have to be in another post. Enjoy The Polack’s most recent shoot.

I think Cady was going with the serious look here. Lol!

You’d probably give the same expression if you saw the ridiculousness that myself and parents reduce to in an effort to get those smiles from time to time. LOL!


I think the hat was for laughs, but I ended up thinking it was soooo adorable.

I’m not quite sure that she agreed with the whole hat thing. Lol!

So adorable!

Thanks for looking!

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