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I get so very nervous when I “shoot” my closest friends, so needless to say I was sweating bullets when it was time to get a few updated shots of Ciera for her new and upcoming website/blog. It’s just that they’ve supported and believed in my work since the verrrry beginning. They encouraged me to make this business work for me during times when I’ve doubted my ability and talent. They sometimes have more faith in what I’m capable of than I do, so I feel this immense pressure to make their vision come to life when the ball is in my court. Ciera has been there since before Farrahn E. Photography, listening to my stories and encouraging me. Now, her own business has taken off full speed ahead. She’s got an amazing cleaning company, Karma Clean. Their attention to detail and use of natural products is unmatched. I’d mentioned being a little stressed and overwhelmed to Ciera, so they sprayed lemon grass essential oil on our linen, and it really did make a huge difference. What cleaning company takes those measures?! I was blown away by the job well done. I’ve also been using natural household cleaning products, detergent, soaps, and scrubs that Ciera and her mom MAKE. My skin is super sensitive, and their products have been awesome for me! The buck doesn’t stop their for Ci – she is also one of the best mothers I know and a mentor to other young girls. I can’t speak highly enough of the positive spirit that is Ci. I can’t wait to see her business and blog take off. She’s such a beautiful person on the outside AND the inside. I’ve always known she was destined for greatness…

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