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Many photographers affectionately refer to themselves as “lifestyle” photographers. It wasn’t until recently that I really started exploring what a lifestyle photographer truly is. It’s not simply a family or child photographer as I used to think. It’s a photographer that comes into your home or invites a family on-location and captures the family as is. Now, that’s not to say that the families can’t spend extra time coordinating their outfits or putting on makeup, but it’s less posing (notice I did not say NO posing) and more natural. More snuggles, more laughs, more relaxing together on your favorite couch or spot in your home, dancing together, and just doing the goofy things that connect loved ones.  I spoke about wanting that to come across in my photos, and I think this one honed in on that. The R Family wanted to keep the shoot as easy as possible. That’s not normally a “thing” with newborn shoots. This one lasted as long as a typical family shoot and we didn’t use a ton of props.  We didn’t wait for their youngest beauty to sleep. We went with shots whether she was sleep or awake, and I have to say I loved the outcome. Such a beautiful and easy-going party of FOUR now!

Gorgeous Girls!

Thanks for looking! Peace & Love.

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