2 Month Old Baby Girl at Park Studios


At the end of December, I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful baby girl. Fast forward a couple of months later, and I was able to have her and her mommy at Park Studios for a less posey/lifestyle shoot. It was perfect! I love the idea of waiting a month or so to do the lifestyle shoot SO much that I am now offering Fresh 48 (hospital sessions) for a special rate when booked with a lifestyle shoot that will take place a month or two into your baby’s life. I understand that you want your baby documented in all of their newness, and I also understand that you maaay not want a camera in your face a week or two after giving birth. With me doing Sage’s pictures a little later, she actually slept peacefully (clothed in her little white onesie), mom had enough time with her to know exactly what she needed to be soothed, and mom had time to find clothing that she felt comfortable and beautiful in, and she was able to have a hair and makeup appointment scheduled for her shoot. It just made for a great experience! We were missing Sage’s dad in this shoot due to scheduling conflict, but even with just mommy and baby – it was totally manageable and a great shoot! Enjoy the photos below!
Sage at her 2 week old session – She preferred not to sleep or be naked back then

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