Your life is worthy of being documented.

Your mom probably did that for you too, right? From that grainy, flash-filled shot of you as a newborn in the hospital crib to the family albums with actual, physical prints, you can remember your childhood and watch yourself grow up as you flip through the photos.

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of pictures of your kids. Your phone albums are filled with them, they’re hung on your home’s walls, and they’re at the center of any family photoshoot you’ve ever done.

But for a lot of us, there’s one central figure missing
 in our childhood photos:


As our moms get older, having just one picture of you and your mom can be like finding a diamond in a coal mine: precious, but incredibly rare. And when you find these pictures tucked away in albums or up on a closet shelf, what she looks like, her facial expression, or her outfit don’t matter. You don’t care about that because it’s Mom. It’s a photo of you together. 

It’s not like our moms weren’t involved in our childhood pictures. They were the ones planning the outfits. They were the ones begging us and our siblings to all smile at the same time (just once, for the camera, please). They were the ones getting those photos developed and putting them into those albums. 

And more often than not, they were also the ones behind the camera, taking the photos. 

It's a photo of her.

Our childhood photos are always of us—
and not enough of her with us.


Now fast forward a few decades when your own kids are grown.
They’re going to feel the exact same way you do.

They’re going to want more pictures of their mom (yes, you!)—
and not just ones from a Christmas card that one year or posed with the whole family at a wedding.

There’s no getting around it:

There will come a day where the most important possessions our loved ones have are photos of us.

That's exactly why
 I do what I do.

I work with moms just like you to capture precious memories
with your family and your exciting milestones that are all about you —
because your life is worthy of being documented, celebrated, and treasured. 

The photos they can show their grandkids.
The photos that show how much we lived and loved.
The photos that tell the stories of our lives.

meet your

Hi, I'm Farrahn

photographer, mommy, wife,
and seeker of beautiful moments.

God has given me a tender heart and desire to serve moms in every stage of their lives. I take a photojournalist approach to photography: I want to capture you just as you are, living life however you live it.

I’m an avid scrapbooker and keeper of memories—mine and yours. As a natural light lifestyle photographer, I help you capture authentic moments with your family, and celebrate your personal milestone. 

As your everything-in-life photographer, I’m your go-to girl for every stage of motherhood and beyond. As your life evolves, I want to be right there beside you, documenting every step of the way. 

Fast Facts About Farrahn

I absolutely love discovering new places,
 from tropical vacations to new spots around Atlanta.

I could survive on Chipotle alone.
I legit cried when pregnancy caused a food aversion to it.

Phase 10 is my favorite game,
but my husband and family will only agree
to play 4 phases of the game at a time with me.

I started therapy last year, and now I can't stop recommending everyone have one!
It comes out like word vomit "Oh! A therapist would help you with that!"

I would love to adopt a child or become a foster parent in the future.

Through my child, I've grown to understand just how important and precious your baby is in YOUR eyes. As a teacher and even just a friend, I've heard many dote about their perfect angel and truthfully...I didn't always get it.

Now I filter the way that I handle all kids with the way that I view my own child. Even if I still don't see every child as an angel, I treat them like I'd want others to treat my angel. It makes me much more patient than the average photographer. 


As a third-grade teacher, this is very apparent in my classroom, but I bring that energy to my shoots too. I will sing, dance, and do whatever to get the desired results.

I'm much more laidback when I'm surrounded by adults.


This sounds like a not-so-fun fact, but my changing body made me a much better champion for myself and women. I knew I'd want to look back on my pregnancy and have my future kids see how I carried them.

I'm much more empathetic with how women feel, and I am much more passionate about how important it is to get yourself dressed and continue document your life...through all fluctuations.

I GAINED 50 pounds




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I am on a mission to document
the true essence of a woman.

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