Adrienne & Seith’s E-Session | Augusta Engagement Photographer


E-Sessions are a liiiitttttttle outside of my norm, but I must say that I absolutely LOVE the way that this session turned out. I’m actually excited to do another engagement at this point. There’s just something about working with and chatting with people about one of, if not…THE upcoming happiest day of their lives. Adrienne and Seith were just so in love, and everything flowed pretty natural. I love that they had so many moments during their shoot. They make a beautiful couple, and they made my job EXTREMELY easy, but don’t just take my word for it…have a look for yourself!

Wishing these two nothing but blessings and many years of happiness together! 🙂


Thanks for looking!

  1. Carolyn Hazelton says:

    If there were any such thing as the perfect couple, u guys would b it. love u guys sooo much!!!!

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