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I’m like a month (or two) late on this post, but this is certainly a blog worth sharing – late or not! My beautiful little cousin (always my little cousin even if you’re absolutely grown now – HA!) graduated this year, and of course I shot her graduation pictures. I laughed throughout the entire shoot because her baby girl is SOOOOOMETHING ELSE!

I am beyond proud of how hard she worked to get her degree! I feel like it was a struggle for me, and she did it with a little one! As cliche as it might sound…the sky is the limit. Continue to set a positive example for your baby girl and knock out those goals! We’ve done a horrible job at spending as much time together as we should, but I see you and again – I’m so very, very proud of you! Love you! XO.

Take a look at a few of my faves!

This is my FAAAVE! In fact, I might print and frame this one for my place. 😉

Thanks for looking! Peace&Love.

  1. Kiandra Burns says:

    U did such a great job o n their shoot love u cuz

  2. Zendasabrina Polk says:

    Gorgeous pictures cousins!! Congratulations as well!

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