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Fresh 48

Raven emailed me a few months ago inquiring about me photographing her miracle baby’s birth, and her spirit was just so amazing that I KNEW I had to document this life changing day for her. Do you know how amazing your energy has to be for someone to feel so connected to you through email?! That’s RAVEN! Raven told me that she wanted to document this day so that women like her, could see things done this way. She was super intentional and asked me to document as much as possible. Soon after we set everything up, I followed Raven on social media to find that her journey to motherhood hadn’t been the easiest. I found that she’s been an inspiration to sooo many women that are traveling that (sometimes) lonely and dark infertility road. Her posts were all powerful and empowering! Raven remained faithful, changed her lifestyle, and continued on believing…and here we are. Raven may share her own birth story with these images, but I will say from my perspective…it happened QUICKLY. Raven labored at home ALLLLL day with her husband. She texted me on June 4th at 1:42pm “Hey love!! I’m thinking we’re going to have a baby soon.” She said that she’d be in touch with an update. The next text came at 6:38pm. She and her husband were headed to the hospital, and about 35 minutes later – Raven (or her husband) told me that she was being admitted because she was already EIGHT CENTIMETERS DILATED!!! I rushed to the hospital praying that I didn’t miss the actual birth. I kept thinking “WOW! This woman has to be THHHHE strongest!” The fact that she showed up to the hospital basically ready to push was pretty spectacular. Raven’s doula, midwife, and nurses all continuously praised Raven for doing a natural birth this way. They kept saying “This is how you do it!”…Raven labored for less than an hour before it was time to start pushing. She delivered her beautiful baby boy in about 10-15 minutes. I can’t even explain the joy in the room as Raven held her baby for the first time, with her husband beaming over her. All Raven could say was “Thank you, Jesusss! Thank you! He’s really here!” There are no words to describe the honor it was to shoot this birth for the Thomas family. I hope that you all enjoy these photos, and I hope that if you are struggling with infertility that this family’s journey will serve as a little (or BIG) reminder that God has the final say.

I’m pretty sure in the picture on the left, Raven was apologizing for screaming. Lol! Such a sweet soul that she APOLOGIZED about screaming out during her NATURAL laboring.

We all kept fussing and laughing at her for this. Dad was so overwhelmed with emotions after the delivery that he just had to take a second to sit down and take it all in.7 lb 9 oz of perfection! I came back the next day to get some Fresh 48 shots of Nehemiah in all of his newness…

Thank you for looking!

Love and Light,

Farrahn T.

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    This gives me so much hope. Thanks!!!

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