MJ’s 7th birthday!


MJ at 6 was fun! In fact, all of the years have been fun. Brit didn’t ask me to be MJ’s God mom because we’re best friends. Actually we weren’t best friends when she asked. Idk. I guess she knew…or God knew that I needed to be a part of this little girl’s life and she needed to be a part of mine. I know everyone calls their child an angel, but MJ rrrreally has been such a light in our lives. Let me be honest and elaborate a little. I had a little struggle with depression and at one point NO ONE…I mean NO ONE  could stop the tears from falling, but this child. That’s powerful, right?! I asked Brit if I could pick her up because I knew she would be able to do so. Ah, just thinking about that makes my eyes water.  I’ll never forget her saying “What’s wrong Meme?!” as she hugged me and wiped my tears. I told her I didn’t really know & that I just felt sad. She said “That’s ok Meme. I know what will cheer you up…maybe we can take pictures?! It’s going to be ok.” She was right.  She’s got the sweetest spirit and I pray that she never loses that. I think she gets that from her grandmother. In fact, I got a little aggravated with her teacher earlier this year because when I picked her up she ran back to her class because she forgot to say see you later and give her teacher and friends hugs. Her teacher looked at me and said “She is always like this.” and kind of aggressively said “Alright. Goodbye, Ma’nay.” I told her, “I KNOW SHE IS ALWAYS LIKE THAT…and I love that about her.”

I’m not looking forward to the day that she stops running to the door screaming “Memeeee!” with so much excitement or doesn’t want to come spend the night with me because she’s got plans with her friends. *sigh*

Today my princess turns 7 *pulls out box of Kleenex*.  We did a princess themed shoot the last time I had her…and I can’t take the credit for this one. It was ALL her idea. After running around with me for Roman’s cake smash she said “You know, I have a birthday coming up too. Why can’t I have balloons and a cake…and take pictures?!” I had nothing to say, but….”YOU’RE RIGHT, babygirl. The next time I come in town we can do a photo shoot for YOUR birthday.” When I came back in town and called to ask what color balloons she wanted I heard her completely light up.

One thing I realized from this shoot was that I absolutely have to learn how to make videos with my camera. We listened to music during this shoot and maaan was her singing and dancing HILARIOUS! I wish I had that to share, but …enjoy the pictures that I do have.

This was early in the morning and man do these capture HER.

After 3 outfit changes she was exhausted

  1. Bri' Howard says:

    Job well done . Thank u meme. She loves her pics.

  2. Deborrah Howard says:

    Another amazing job Farrahn. I had to pull out the tissue as well! Much Love.

  3. Renee McCalla says:

    Tears tears tears, they are growing…

  4. Skyla So Badd Peterson says:

    Omg! these are soo adorable! You truely have gift.

  5. Skyla Peterson says:

    It’s Skyla
    hey baby! imy. you still have my pictures, you should text meeeee 7063124306

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