Prince I 3 Months


This post is just proof that I have fallen waaay behind and off with keeping my blog up to date. 🙁 Before I go into sharing any Christmas goodness, I wanted to be sure that I shared Prince’s 3 month old session.

I went into this shoot a tad nervous. I’ve heard photographers say that they turn away 3 month old shoots. It’s known as THE most difficult age to photograph babies because they’re too old to do the typical newborn poses and they’re too young to sit up and really interact with you. Their little personality generally hasn’t come through at this age, BUT there is ALWAYS an exception. Prince would be the exception to that common thought. He was like a little man. I’ve never ever met a baby so…so…so…cool. I mean, he was completely serious the entire time. It was almost scary working with him! There were times where I would be making my usual weird sounds or faces that normally crack babies/kids up, but Prince just stared at me like…”Are you serious? -__-” I would stop, and be like, “Yeah. Ok. That just isn’t working. He’s not even remotely entertained.” His mommy was able to get a few smiles in at the end of the session and his beautiful little smile was so worth the wait and the blank stares. He really is a gorgeous kid…looking at his pics and thinking about his temperament make me want a baby boy, and I have ALWAYS said I DO NOT WANT A LITTLE BOY.

Take a look for yourself!

*DISCLAIMER: I shared a few of these and was asked what I did to make his eyes really pop. Honestly, I did nothing AT. ALL. In fact, I did very light editing on him. I told ya, he’s just a beautiful, picture perfect child. 😉

He clearly went from just being cool, to laughing, to serious/get out of my face in a matter of seconds. This series of pics crack me up because his mom says he has split personalities. He’s a Gemini, and I guess I was able to see and capture that here. LOL!

Prince is so fitting for him

Sometimes I start envisioning my future studio and I see this as a canvas on the wall of that studio. I don’t care how many babies I get between now and then…I will find this one.

 Another possible canvas pick for me. Swooooon! 3 month goodness.

Thanks for looking!

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