Prince’s Christmas Shoot


As promised, I’m here to share Prince’s Christmas shoot. Remember the 3 month shoot I did with him? If not, take a look at it here! I was very excited and anxious to work with him again because I think he’s such a handsome little boy. I was also expecting a smoooooth shoot because he is just so darn cool. Well, this time he took his cool off a little and gave me laughs and great eye contact. He was such a little boy….flipping over as soon as I was ready to press my shutter button and then laughing about it. He’s a baby,  but I’m convinced he knew what he was doing! LOL! I was also pretty happy that his mom decided to jump in a few shots with him at the end of our shoot. You all know how I feel about mom’s getting in pics, right? Anyway, getting to take pictures of all of these super cute kids for the holiday is just giving me a little bit more of a reason to LOOOOOVE this time of the year.


Thanks for looking!

  1. kellyann taylor says:

    This is so cute.

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