MY Pey Bear’s Cake Smash


How did I NOT blog these pics?! AH. So Pey, my God daughter turned one earlier this year. Having a cake smash was just not even a question. Her mom and I collaborated on the perfect props (tutu’s) and things of that nature for her Cake Smash. Her birthday celebration was a “Winter ONEderland” theme.

The cake smash was going great, and I was just loooving the shots I was getting up until we brought the cake out. I was told that kids either love or hate the texture of the icing. Well, she showed us immediately which spectrum she was on. I should have known that my girl would bring the tears at some point. I still adore the pictures, and it taught me a valuable lesson. ALWAYS get shots (baby and detail) juuuuust in case they don’t like the idea of smashing their cake.

Check out these facial expressions! LOL!

“What is THIS?!”

I can’t wait to have my own kids and put them through this type of stuff, but until then…It’s more than a pleasure to subject my God children to my idea of “fun” (Check out my God son’s HERE) ! LOL! These are the pics that parents will always adore and pull out to embarrass ya! HEHE!


Thanks for looking!

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