Baby Gabrielle | Atlanta Newborn Photographer


You know, there are just some people that you meet and INSTANTLY connect with. This family was just so warm and inviting when I arrived for Baby Gabrielle’s session. I could have sat and chatted with Sakinah ALLLL day! I also love that she’d done a bit of her own research and had the place nice and toasty when I got there (although I might have been a sweaty little mess, I loved that it was warm). Baby G slept like a champ for majority of her session, and I just adore all of the beautiful shots I was able to capture for her.

Thanks to Unchong & Craig for connecting us! 🙂

Lifestyle shots that include the parents are the best! *swoons*

  1. Maylean Hampton says:

    Oh my.. these pictures are so.. so adorable. The baby is beautiful.. the couple is beautiful. You’ve got to feel so honored to share the most important moments in people live.. the birth of there children. You are so blessed and I pray God keep blessing you because you do a wonderful job. Wow! Have a blessed day.

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