3 Month Old Baby-Man


This little guy is just soooo cute! We were supposed to meet up for a newborn shoot, but we ended up waiting until he was about 3 months or so, and I am sooo glad that it worked out that way. Some photographers genuinely fear the 3 month age because they are past the bendy-sleepy phase, and they not quiiite able to sit up alone, but the more I do this age, the more I truly love it. I mean he tried to carry on a conversation with me THE ENTIRE shoot. He gave me so much emotion that it didn’t take us too long to wrap up the shoot. It’s always a great shoot when it ends before the little one is sick and tired of the lady with the black box in their face. LOL!

Loved his little bow tie onesie, hence me calling him a little baby-man! *melts*

A signature 3-month pose/shot that pics all parents love.

Just sitting here, enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

He was talking to me here. Lol!

Yay for convincing his mommy to jump in at least a shot or two with him. 😉

Thanks for looking!

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