The Hong Family | Atlanta Family Photographer


The Hongs have been sticking with Farrahn E. Photography since the beginning. I mean…you know that’s true when you’ve got a shoot together from the infamous Augusta train tracks on The Riverwalk. Please don’t judge! I just adore this family so much. They’re loving and super honest. I witnessed their marriage and photographed Heston’s newborn pics. They’ve really become friends, and it has truly been a pleasure and an honor capturing their family’s growth and beauty over the years. This shoot may very well be one of our most memorable shoots – not only did Heston continuously point at me while aggressively telling me “NO!” to pictures, but he ran from us, rolled his eyes, and gave me the death stare for majority of their shoot. I actually found this quite amusing and figured he’d have to learn sooner or later that I don’t give up easily. Hehe! Another thing that makes this shoot very special and hopefully near and dear to their hearts is that we added a verrrry sweet and funny couple to the mix this year. Without going into too much detail, I will just say that Jin’s aunt and uncle joined us, and his aunt pulled me aside as I was giving them directions at one point and told me “You gotta make this a really good one for me!”. The entire time I edited their pictures, I kept thinking about my grandma and grandpa and how much their relationship paralleled this couple’s relationship. I kept wishing I’d taken them in the backyard and gotten some special pictures like these. I think it’s amazing that Hanna thought to do this, and I hope they’re family loves these images as much as I do!

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