Lifestyle Newborn Shoot (Featuring Baby T)


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Hello there, friends! Guess what one of my 2018 goals is?! YEP, you guessed it – blog more!

If you’re expecting and wondering if we’d be a good fit for your newborn shoot – please read below. If you’re just here to see the beautiful family photos below – scroll pass my words to jump right to the good stuff!

I’ve been thinking A TON about my business – things that I want to remain the same and things that I want to change. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at my work over the years. There are photos that I REALLY connect with and some that honestly no longer match the direction that I want to move toward. I started this business wanting to document very special moments for people – in a beautiful and authentic way. I have always wanted to help people savor the moments that truly ZOOM by. I’ve called myself a lifestyle photographer, but I don’t think I’ve REALLY been consistent with it when it comes to some of my shoots. You see, lifestyle shoots (excluding mini sessions) aren’t supposed to be so posed that they’re stressful. I think they’re supposed to show connections and what your real life looks like! Sure, I definitely percent think you should get a little more dolled up than your everyday look, and I think I should give you some direction during your shoot, BUT I don’t think you should be throwing me out of your house after a shoot. LOL! This has literally happened with a few of my newborn shoots. I mean, none of my clients have been cold enough to aggressively toss me (and ALL of the TONS of props that I’d bring) out, but they’ve called it a wrap with sheer exhaustion written all over their faces. I guess that’s life with a newborn, however, I don’t want the shoot to be another exhausting thing. I no longer want to have my families waiting hours for a baby to settle into an unnatural position.

I’ve decided that in 2018 and beyond – I’m going to create the work that I LOVE! If you’re looking for a particular style that isn’t mine, I have several photographers to recommend you to. There are SO many photographers and people looking for different things out there. There is someone for everyone in terms of photography…and with that said, I will only be offering lifestyle newborn sessions. I’m no longer dragging a bean bag and a TON of props. I’ll bring hats, headbands, bow, and wraps for swaddling – THAT’S IT. I’ll give your family soft direction and capture you in the most flattering angles, but I won’t wait 4 hours to get one position of your baby naked. In fact, the shoot will not last longer than 2-3 hours. Gone are the 4-5 hour exhausting shoots. I’ll get all of the little detail shots of those tiny little lips and baby toes. I’ll get you snuggling with your precious little one. I’ll ask you to hold your baby in a way that is comfortable and how YOU usually hold them. I’ll take shots to help you remember how tiny your baby once was in your arms. If you choose to do a shoot in your home, I’ll get shots of that nursery that you spent SO MUCH TIME prepping. We’ll welcome siblings (and pets) because they honestly are PERFECT for lifestyle shoots!

Please take a look at an example of a lifestyle shoot that took place in Park Studios – a natural light studio located in Buckhead. This is another new option for my newborn shoots. If you don’t think there’s enough natural light in your home, Park Studios may be an option. If you just don’t want to do the shoot in your home for various reasons, Park Studios may be an option! Another change is that the shoot doesn’t have to take place within the first 14 days. Instead, the shoot can take place within the baby’s first 2-4 weeks. This will give your family a little time to settle into your new life while still capturing it early on. Take a look at the beautiful family below to get an idea of the direction I’ve gone in. & SWOOOOOON!

Such a sweet big brother! “Kiss your sister” – Haha! Some day they’ll both laugh SO hard at this!

Big brother in all of his two year old glory!

When babies are a little older than 2 weeks, they have better control over their eyes AND sometimes you may actually get great expression -like a sweet smile!

Smirks and Baby Yawns 🙂Awake baby? NO PROBLEM! I love them!


If you’re ever in need of a lifestyle photographer – I hope to work with you! Thanks for looking!

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