Patrick & Candace Married!


So I feel pretty horrible about taking SO long to blog this wedding. In fact, I’ve been pretty awful with blogging altogether, BUT I have a legit excuse. Remember my computer was away. It was promised to be back in 2 weeks but that turned into a century. Can you believe, that it has to go back because they still didn’t fix something?! Ugh. Luckily, there wasn’t a fee involved and my cousin was more than understanding! I think getting a desktop is a must after graduation…maybe someone will buy me one as a graduation present?!

Anyway, I flew down to Florida this past summer for my cousin’s wedding. She’d asked me to be their photographer early on, but my dad couldn’t just give me a straight forward “YES! I’ll buy your plane ticket to see one of your favorite cousin’s get married.” so I told her she’d better find a photog in case I couldn’t make it. Of course, my dad ended up getting my plane ticket. I took some of my gear, but it wasn’t until the middle of the ceremony that I realized her photographer was actually expecting or anticipating me taking pictures as  well. I still held back because I’ve been second shooting with Craig and there seems to be nothing more annoying to a hired photographer than THAT family member or friend that’s in the way of all your shots with her camera. While I do wish I’d taken advantage of the beautiful scenery, I’m glad that Candace ended up with great pictures of her special day from her photographer, and I have a few to supplement those.

I’m soooo happy and excited for Candace and Patrick, and I love you guys! She’s already told me that when they have a kid/kids she wants me to do their professional shoots. I call that great planning, and I am waiting on that call any day now! 😉 Thanks for being patient with this, and I’ll have a little package in the mail for you as soon as possible.

I believe Candace, her sister, and mom did most of the details on their own. I think they turned out great!

Haha, the first dance was kind of hilarious…had to be with Patrick!

It’d been a loooong time coming…Patrick gave us a little show. lol!

One of my favorite parts about weddings…the crowd reactions. The EMOTION. & I’m convinced that Patrick and his siblings are triplets!!!

My happy family. 

Can anyone guess what dance they were doing?! CLASSIC!

Yeah, I got teary eyed here. My dad dancing with his big sis…the bride’s mom. I’ve NEVER seen my dad get up and dance out in public. *faints*

Besides the fact that I wanted to witness such a major day in my cousin’s life. I wanted to see my grandpa walk her down the aisle. He’s 82 years old and he has Alzheimer’s. It was amazing seeing him smile so much that day. Normally he gives me this get out of my face look, but not on this day! On almost every picture I have from this day he was smiling. Candace is the oldest grandchild and she’s been pretty patient with this journey…it was a big deal for us ALL to see her and Patrick walk down the aisle…finally. 😉

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  2. Candice Bellaire says:

    I’m speechless! This is a beautiful blog of our wedding day! You captured the perfect moments and put the perfect wording to the pictures, I was in tears reading it all! I can’t wait until we are pregnant, because you will have a job!!;) thank you for capturing the moments for us and for putting this together. It was well worth the wait! Love you!

  3. Mike Coles says:

    Awesome FernGully

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