Baby Taylor


Eeek! I’m just SO excited to share these precious photos. They truly are just THAT for me. If you read my about me section then you know that birth/lifestyle photography is what tugged at my heart strings in terms of photography. An old classmate had a baby and I found myself sitting at the computer, a big ball of tears and emotions by the last picture. It wasn’t that I had baby fever…AT ALL. Just something about new life. The entire process. How teeny tiny they are…and how quickly that changes. The thought of “freezing time” and capturing someone’s first few days of life…crazy exciting!If I somehow stumbled into millions and you asked me what I’d do. I’d probably quit school (yes, I’d absolutely become a college drop out) and open a newborn portrait studio.

This was my first try at it and it was aaamazing. Most of the credit must go to Taylor. She was a dream baby…and she is beautiful. I prepared and thought for months about what this session would be like and what the outcome would be, but it was much more than I envisioned. I’m glad that she was my first, but definitely a very tough act to follow up!

This was at the beginning of the session. Here is god mommy Cici spoiling Taylor already!

For the love of crafting and all things DIY, we (as in me and Ciera) dyed cheesecloth to make her wrap and we also made all but one of the hats that are in this post.

My favorite “look”/hat that we created. I’m looking forward to more newborn sessions and making things like this.

I love the details. Look at those perfect little lips!

He gave me a hard time behind the scenes initially but big brother came around for us at the end. 🙂

She really thought I was going to let her go the entire shoot and not get in at least one photo. Once again Ciera was to the rescue and helped put Nichelle together. If one of your kids is doing a photo shoot with me you might as well prepare because I’m going to try to convince you to join in. It’s all about the memories! I love old adolescent pics of me and my brother with my mom.

Nichelle had Taylor’s big sister come over for the photo shoot…and she was SO adorable, mature, and helpful.

  1. Brittany says:

    For this to be your first newborn shoot you nailed it!!! These pics are truly awesome.. I love love love everyone!

  2. Adriane Coles says:

    You’re a natural Farrahn! Your eye for details is amazing. It’s the small touches you incorporated that add so much depth to an already brilliant arrangement! Great job!

  3. Mommy says:

    I am so proud of you! Who would have thought that all of the creative things we use to do and make together would triumph in your adult and professional life. Keep up the great work my baby girl….you have gone beyond flight, you are soaring!! I love you!

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