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I can be completely honest here and just say that I was soooo nervous about this shoot. It was completely out of my comfort zone. There were no little ones involved, and it was not to be in a familiar park or in the comfort of their home. Whitney knew from the start that she […]

Little 5 Points with The Diene’s!


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That amazing person happens to be MY mommy! I’m always on a social network talking about how much my mom means to me, and I don’t mean to gloat or be annoying, but I just love and appreciate my mom SO SO SO very much. So often we see people running to their social networks […]

Happy Birthday to the most amazing person I know!


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This family needs no introduction. Missed the window for a maternity shoot and the birth of Hailey so we got together for Hailey’s newborn pictures. SO happy with the results. I’m falling more and more with newborns!

Newborn Hailey Rose


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SO excited to share something a tad different for me. I’ve been second shooting weddings for Craig and taking a few nice pictures while attending weddings of close friends and family, but I’ve recently started getting inquiries to do weddings as the lead photographer! I must say that I respect that area of photography sooooo […]

Porscha & Marlon…MARRIED!


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